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Contributing to the Local Community & Changing People's Lives.
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BNI London North East Mission Statement

 “Contributing to the local community & changing people’s lives”

About Tim Nicolaou

BNI London North EAST – Executive Director

I came across my local BNI business group by a pure chance encounter back in December 1999. At the time I had recently fallen victim to dishonest contractors in the building industry that had deliberately liquidated their company owning me and many others, tens of thousands of pounds. My hit was over £30k!

What appealed to me most was that these local business people were recommending each other, sharing contacts and genuinely helping each other. They did this in the belief that if you help others get business they will help you! In essence they were living and working the BNI philosophy which is “Givers Gain”

Understandably, my recent experience made me feel more than sceptical! However, I felt myself inadvertently surrounded by positive, supportive, collaborative local businesspeople! I found doing business with like-minded, honest, trustworthy people was not only rewarding financially, but in so many different ways.

I always had a passion for helping and sharing with others “stuff I learnt” whether it was business, sport, life. Always first to share tips, experiences, successes or challenges. The only natural thing to do was to share my BNI business experience by becoming a BNI Director and helping others do the same. I continue to support the creation of new business groups, support existing groups, and carry out business training to help others. Happy days, the universe has a strange way of attracting your passion.

BNI London North East Chapters

BNI London North East has 5 established chapters, 1 core group and 5 potential groups being built as of Spring 2020.

There are three stages to becoming a BNI Chapter.

Potential BNI Group

Pre-Launch BNI Group

Established BNI Group

BNI London North East – Enfield

BNI London North East – Waltham Forest 

BNI Dream

BNI Discovery

BNI London North East Numbers

Our members are business professionals who help each other grow their businesses through their commitment to our principal core value, Givers Gain®.  Below are our regional statistics from the last rolling 12 months. 


Regional Members

Established Regional Chapters

Member Closed Business (in £ last 12 months)

Statistic Last Updated June 2020